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Entropy at 4-Hour Body Book Launch
Written by Eduardo Pinheiro   
Thursday, 16 December 2010 16:01

This Tuesday, Tim Ferriss launched his new book, the 4-Hour Body, in New York City. The book launch party attracted some 600 people and featured lots of free healthy products. Entropy was one of the chosen products to sponsor Tim's party. 


(Tim Ferriss enjoying Entropy at the book launch event)

The event was packed with fans of Tim Ferriss, celebrities and VIP people. It featured an open bar, which featured Entropy, green tea and berry juice. 


Some tables had free copies of the book, along with buckets of Entropy and grasshopper snacks. Others had our exclusive Entropy energy cards.


Entropy energy cards have a sensor that measure the energy in the body. Just press your thumb against the sensor for ten seconds. If the sensor turns black, you need an Entropy. If it turns blue, you're energized. Other colors indicate varying degrees of energy. Energy cards are now shipped with every order of Entropy.

Not only did Tim enjoy his Entropy, our CEO, Eduardo Pinheiro, did too. Here's a picture of Eduardo and Tim at the party.


Good luck to Tim and his new book. Entropy could not have been in better company than the 4-Hour Body and Tim Ferriss! 

Stay Smart. Stay Healthy. Drink What Matters.

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